We are a small team of Qlik developers and evangelists who have been consulting in the Qlik space for almost a decade combined. Our consultants have worked on projects that have spanned the public and private sectors in the US and Canada, bringing out the full power of the Qlik platform for small colleges to billion-dollar organizations.

For us, we strive for certain things when we work with any firm of any size:


Your data and your processes should always be kept confidential and secure. Our team works hard to help all of our clients keep their data safe by using and emphasizing robust network and server security practices, row-level security in Qlik Sense apps using Section Access, limiting over-reaching administrator privileges, and other industry best practices.


While the Qlik ecosystem of products is robust and full-featured out of the box, there are always ways to improve the developer and user experiences — you shouldn’t be expected to do things the “Qlik way,” Qlik should fit into your organization’s data environment to enhance and empower your team. Our Qlik consultants will help you do just that by customizing themes and extensions, writing custom scripts and automation jobs, and architecting your Qlik deployment to fit the requirements of your current and future data pipelines.


We know from experience that the best way for Qlik to become integrated into your organization and for your team to adopt it successfully is to have ready, patient, dynamic support available to users of all types, including Qlik administrators, developers, integrators, power users, business users, trainers, C-suites, analytics team leads, project managers, and all the rest.

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